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Why it matters: They didn't call him Hairy Young for nothing. Although he may have conjured up some patches here and there, a full five-bear chest be far more magical.

Michael thinks like a man by accessorizing that OJ with a light sprinkle of fuzz. Breakfast in bed never looked so good. So much to be jealous of here. The youngest of the Jonas dynasty is a breakout solo artist with a happy trail leading to another 1 hit. Puberty wins again. Glory, glory, glory. There's nothing common about this rapper's tuft of pectoral greatness. Though there's room for expansion, he's on his way to becoming the world's first surfing bear. Running your hand through that spocky forest is a trek worth taking. Watch sex clips of boy and girls in daily motion trail, you may possibly klingon and never let go.

Oh, captain. Hairy superheroes can save you from even the most unbearable moments. The hair here is finely dusted and guaranteed to make any person hairy uncontrollably.

Let's face it, the most super thing about this man is that sPECtacular chest. Like kryptonite, the hair will have you pleading for help. It's so worth it though. It's easy to get lost when staring too long.

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Unlike an island, the chest hair has generously bridged itself with the belly so it wouldn't feel so isolated. That necklace gets a little more sumthin' sumthin' in one afternoon than most do in a lifetime. Max is doing very well in giving it a soft, fuzzy home.

Watch what happens when the real housedaddy of New York comes to quench your thirst. The chest hair isn't the only thing that's wet around here. Bravo Andy, bravo. Many have broken their backs after falling deeply for this furry prince.

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No matter where you decide to touch him during your tent sleepovers, hair hairy guaranteed to be there. An epic chest mane is what separates the good action stars from the great ones. Every hair is far from expendable and is highly necessary for protection from bullets and the occasional bee sting. This is one mystery Sherlock Holmes doesn't need to solve. Whether his shirt is on or off, the hair will always reveal itself to you, whether you want it to or not.

Mask or no mask, Zorro has got you completely covered Snuggling up to that beats any big-eyed cat in boots. This manscaping puts giraffe-shaped bushes young shame. Like a true art piece, the blending from chest to happy trail is seamless and is bound to give you a hangover any day of the week.

Bonding your hand to that chest is a sure fire way to keep you from doing anything productive. Where is the Bond Girl application? Petting a wolverine's chest is a proven way to reduce stress and increase happiness; that's if you don't get a claw in your back.

With a large amount of fur, Ruffalo's nipples remain a buried secret worth digging for. They become noticeable when Ruffalo guy out his trail in anger. He'll also turn large and green, but hey, some people are into the whole Hulk-sexual thing. Aside from holding the crown as the bulge kinghe's got a ton of hair leading chest to the royal package. Stay mad, men. This is ruddiculous.

Not only can this rug save you from hypothermia, it also has a wicked sense of humor. No other chest bears sexiest sluttiest nude women much emotional utility as this one does.

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