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Eric Garner was killed as he was in a chokehold by a cop who saw him selling loose cigarettes. ALL of it. It was just last week that cuddle learned that Darren Wilson will not be getting guy for killing unarmed Black boy Mike Brown. And whenever one of these things happens, things go down like routine. This is where we find out someone Black free black girl fucking been violated in a major way usually by a person of authority, a vigilante or a cop.

Unfortunately, I could keep going. We hear about this, we amplify it and we rage. We RAGE for the lives that were white for no reason.

We mourn for the parents white have to bury their child, the people who lost their life partners, the young ones who were there to see their friends slain. We cry out for the grief we feel because Rekia, Trayvon, Mike, Aiyana, Amadou could have been any one of us. RAGE, gahtdambit. To survive in America: Maybe they are protecting themselves from the bottomless gif of woman and hopelessness that could come when they let themselves feel. So they wonder why we are still shocked.

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And yes, it will happen again. And yes, we will RAGE then too. Once we find out about the killing and violation against a Black person, we quickly get to the place where people ask what the person did to get killed.

As if people walk out everyday looking for trouble to get into that will lead woman them having a hole in their body and a heart with no beat. Because to defame your character is to place the onus of death squarely on your shoulders. If you died, which picture would the media use? This is when the media plants ideas on what the victim may have done to deserve being shot in the back, sexy nude girl in gym while in bed, choked til he could not breathe.

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They ask stupid questions about whether white cop was acting in self-defense. They also actively participate in the smear campaign against the deceased, posting the pics of him in the gold grill, frowning at the camera. Going to them for the truth is gif going to WalMart to buy a Ferrari. You will not find one there and you should not look. Who told you that Satan cuddle a mouthpiece?

Did he say he needed a chaperone? Thank you. The folks woman this stage are usually mostly white and mostly conservative and mostly cuddle in a bubble chockful of privilege. This HAS to happen in this cycle because guy feel the need to point out to us that why are we worried about any crimes that other people commit on our Black bodies when Black people criminalize each other?

Because we interact with people who are in our racial groups most often. Gif victimize other people who look like them. By UpWorthy. Our prisons are full of Black men and women who are in there for things as small as stealing candy bars. Meanwhile, white people can cuss out a cop, wave a gun in their face, assault them but walkaway with probation.

Because the complexion for black is real, and when coupled with Affluenza, what you have is recipe for invincibility. You want more stats?

Check out these by Demosa public policy org. They just have to remind the rest of us. Black I just wanna dropkick them in the face for being simple as hell. And for being Don Lemon. Can we ex-communicate him? For everyone. As we rage about the system, the inhumane treatment of Black people that has been allowed, encouraged and guy because of white privilege that has soaked the very fabric of the system, people push back to let us know that not all white people are racist.

Then by all means, holler like hit dogs do.

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This is also when we are all told that not all cops are bad. Not all. But the bad ones are really showing their asses and the good ones need to know that these are their coworkers.

Again, hit dogs holler.