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When a naked hudgens of Vanessa Hudgens surfaced hudgens inthere wasn't much public sympathy for the then-Disney Channel star. This was long before the massive celebrity nude photo hack ofand unlike those famous women, Vanessa wasn't perceived as a victim whose privacy had been naked violated.

The High School Musical star issued a heartfelt hudgens, and despite some initial backlash, didn't get the boot from the family-friendly Disney franchise. Years later, Vanessa would describe the vannesa as "by far the worst moment of my career," telling Paper magazine, "That was just a really s--tty situation that sucked. That it did, but the naked ordeal didn't completely derail Vanessa's promising career. In one sense, the leaked photos may have actually eased Hudgens' transition from child actress to film and television star.

Because unlike, say, Miley CyrusVanessa didn't have to prove hudgens she and the squeaky-clean Disney character she played were not one and the same. And beyond those NSFW pictures more of which were leaked in andVanessa hasn't become a target for tabloid controversies. Inthere was a finger-licking photo taken at Coachella that raised some eyebrows—but her rep assured E!

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News the substance was simply melted white chocolate. Pictures how did this former child star—who celebrates her 30th birthday kobe tai retired above the fray to find success in Naked as a young adult? Well for one thing, Vanessa didn't take her early success for granted.

Those gigs didn't exactly pay the big bucks, and Vanessa was well aware of the financial sacrifices her parents made when she was just starting out. My parents drove me up to L. And Vanessa's never forgotten that. She remains exceptionally close with her mom, Gina Hudgensand her year-old sister, Stella Hudgens.

Vanessa's father Greg Hudgens died of cancer in He passed away the night before Vanessa was set to play Rizzo in Fox's Grease: Having that strong support system has been invaluable to Vanessa at every stage of her career.

But it wasn't just mom and dad who helped keep her humble during those early days of fame—it was her High School Musical co-stars, pictures. That relationship "kept me grounded," she later told Shape magazine, "and because I was with vannesa who knew me so well, I didn't need to try to be someone I'm not.

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The co-stars clicked from the get-go, and they've had each other's backs ever since. So much so, that Vanessa even served as a bridesmaid in Ashley's wedding to Christopher French. The birthday girl did say pictures she "want[s] vannesa get married, travel, then have kids—probably in my late 30s. Winning an Oscar. The following year, she played a drug-addicted prostitute in The Frozen Ground and a homeless, pregnant teenager in Gimme Shelter.

With the latter role, "Every single day was definitely a challenge but one I vannesa with open arms," Vanessa told E!

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She's continued to embrace her musical talents, and inVanessa made her Broadway pictures in a revival of the romantic musical comedy Gigi. And indian pregnand girl nude the success of Grease: Vanessa has yet to lose her affinity for those those pictures family films, though.

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Earlier this year, she starred in Dog Vannesaa wholesome comedy for canine lovers, and right now you can see her times two! Vanessa plays J. Lo's boss in the movie, and as she naked Busy Philipps on E! She also explained why naked "decided I was going to say yes" to more projects—including ones that might seem similar to High School Musical. But exotic car models nude turning down roles "became habitual," Vanessa consciously decided not hudgens let her past dictate the course of her future.