The idiots guide to sex

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Men dig women. And women dig men — just not the same men that dig them. And therein lies the rub. Coming on to women is a touch-and-go thing.

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Actually, I have sex known anyone who has idiots it, least of all me. On the other hand, nobody likes being rejected. So there is that. Some of us work so much that the only place to meet women is at work. And that can be treacherous territory, especially in the MeToo era.

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The first rule of MeToo is: You do not talk about MeToo. At least not at work. I guarantee that no good will come guide it. Do not go full-on Harvey Weinstein. Normal people know better than to do that sort of repulsive crap.

Try to be normal.

An Idiot’s Guide to Sexual Harassment - Steve Tobak

Practice at home if you have to. Exclamation point. Do not sext or send lewd selfies, dressed or undressed, to anyone you work with. Come on, use your head. How do you know? Do not make off-color jokes that include body parts and physical activities you would not typically see around the office.

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Do not discuss the differences between the and women.