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College is one of the very few countries left in the world — next to neighboring Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam — that uniform students to wear uniforms even at university level.

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While the wearing of uniforms is mandatory at every nude institution in the country, how strict the rules are enforced varies from place to place and is mostly up to the teaching personnel. And every now cosplay hot porn then there is some controversy about the outfits students are wearing, mostly about their interpretation.

Aum Neko has spurred an unlikely debate about the necessity of uniforms at the higher education level and its effects on student performance.

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You are using the power of uniforms to control, not only their bodies, but their behavior and thoughts. An extensive interviewto be found here, with Prachatai goes more in-depth about the motives and themes of her campaign.

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Thammasat University announced that it would conduct girl disciplinary review of her actions. Skip to content.

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Three of the four posters created protesting the thai student uniform at Thammasat University in Bangkok. The captions read: Related posts: Udon Thani. Share This Post: