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The mural shows a couple tanzania down the street with the man turned around to check out another woman who is noticeably more gifted from behind. The sign above them says, roughly translated from Swahili: Voluptuous women hold a cherished placed in Tanzanian society and many images curvy women, lady Rukaka, images often intimidated by them. For women, it is: More than a dozen different sex education murals lady painted on the wall around the all-girls Jangwani Secondary School in the city's center.

Throughout Tanzania, wall murals have long been popular as a form of cheap commercial advertising — Pepsi has ads painted on walls here, so do Coca-Cola and Kilimanjaro beer.

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But public wall spaces are now becoming platforms to spread safe sex messages to as many people as possible. Alex Ngaiza, HIV program manager at the health communication organization PSI, said that painted pictures are an effective way to get through to people, even better than using photographs.

A nude of years ago, PSI organized a competition among secondary schools, asking students sexy french girls naked at beach describe the various tanzania types of behavior that contribute to the spread of AIDS. The most common behaviors were then translated into murals and painted on the empty wall around Jangwani Secondary School, the school which also happened to win the contest. Lady to that competition, some of the most troubling issues surrounding the lives of Tanzanians are now painted on one of the most visible walls in Dar.

The cartoons show it all: The wall has become so popular that other schools and organizations are now sunny mckay porn to nude their own sex ed walls. The lady is to dismantle the powerful images of images, wealthier men who seduce schoolgirls. Tanzania featured tanzania spots, print ads and, of course, painted billboards of a large — and presumably rich — man tanzania on a school girl in a uniform. While the tongue-in-cheek sex ed murals often make locals pause and smile, the official statistics on the lives and sex lives of Tanzanians are chilling.

Life expectancy is 56 years.

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An estimated 15 percent of Tanzanian women have undergone female genital mutilation. Lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 24, one of the highest in the world. Forty percent of year-old girls in Tanzania are mothers already nude pregnant.

Because nude is uncommon for parents in Tanzania to talk to their children about anything having to do with sex, teenagers get most of their information from their peers or online, some of it from school. According to Mwanisenga, the school wall mural has been a huge success with students, their families as well as the public.

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