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Earlier this year, a year-old Irish woman named Amanda Teague came forward to share a joyful announcement with the world: Two years earlier, she had married a wonderful man. He also happens to be a year-old Haitian pirate ghost. Or is it ghost pirate? You can literally feel the physical act of what the spirit is doing to you, and the spirit can feel it, too. For all this talk of undead lovemaking, sex scenes between living human beings and ghosts are relatively rare in pop culture.

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Even some of the sex that did make the scene at you, Ryan Murphy—are iffy in the consent department. Here are eight of ghost times. That additional context would have turned the supernatural sex scene into a comedic case of mistaken identity, which is even weirder, honestly. You might say that instead of giving up the ghost, he gave it up to the ghost well, you might not say that.

This time, she was more of a spectral spectator.

The first season of American Horror Story wasted no time in letting viewers know exactly what kind of batshit-insane show they were watching. Still, as far as ghost sex goes, assault via false identity is pretty fucked up. Plus, the editing is terrible, quite frankly, which is a crime of a different sort. Leave it to the endlessly depraved Scary Movie series to force The A.

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Club into a discussion of when consent between a ghost and a woman begins. Spelling is wearing a football jersey bearing the number 69 the entire time, obviously. As fans know, in season two, Izzie Katherine Heigl fell in love scene a patient—an ethical no-no everywhere except for Seattle Grace—stole a new heart for him ethics, very suspectand he died anyway.

In season five, Denny Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns in a strange series of sexy hallucinations, leading Izzie to shut her invisible boyfriend and herself off in the break room for some mind-blowing ghost sex. Izzie survived, but Heigl wound up leaving the series anyway in season six, making this entire storyline even more pointless.

After a one-night stand with a ghost named Michael, an unhappy, recently single woman named Ruth starts experiencing inexplicable supernatural symptoms, including coughing up black gunk and terrifying hallucinations.

But we will say that one of the more unusual aspects of this long-held system of belief—at least to Western eyes—is the plethora of softcore films on the topic of human-ghost relations getting fucked by have come out of Hong Kong in the past ghost years or so in the wake of the massive success of the A Chinese Ghost Story series of non-softcore sex.

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Ghosts can do it: 8 pop cultural instances of human-on-ghost love

A Ghost Story may haunt you, even if you think the ghost looks silly. Ex-members throw Ghost frontman into the fiery pit of civil litigation. The Slot. The Root. Very Smart Brothas.

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