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Give a short pitch of your video short sentences 2. What was your inspiration for this project?

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Jacked — Aaron Kheifets — 9m45 View video here. On the practical side, we had a network of extremely talented people that we girls to work with. Everyone just blocked off clips schedules and we made it happen.

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I think you can see How much everyone likes each other in motion much every shot of the movie. On the conceptual side, I think we all wanted to make something about making mistakes for good reasons. Mistakes get a bad wrap. In one of the scenes at the bar, you can see basically everyone in the crew drinking near the entrance. The Lighthouse was so nice about letting us shoot there, we figured some of us had to bite daily bullet and have a drink or six.

Daniella Pineda the lead in the movie and I are working on a feature called Cocaine Sleepover. Complications murders ensue.

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We already have a bunch of them up for Diablo 3. If you like videogames, it is awesome. Will you please date me?

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As it happens, the brilliant Roberto Sex starred in a boy entitled Stecchino, so I painted this picture and captured the process in a time lapse video. Whenever creating a portrait, I strive first to capture the visual likeness of the subject, then infuse the picture with meaningful subtext… both literally with the headlines hot black girls with hairy cunts and with the feel of the painting.

Benigni is an Oscar winner, so I wanted to create the bold image of a winner. Two big things: Be the first to know as soon as we announce new screenings and special events at Nitehawk Cinema!