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So you already like learning Japanese with dramas. To get the most out of them, japanese need to pay close attention, write down new words and phrases, and study.

You get to see the language in one, which leads to a deeper understanding of it. This includes gestures, facial expressions, conversational etiquettevintage porn photo japanese social customs and that are also part of a language.

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Movies also give you a wide variety speakers to listen to. The wonders of our technological age make it easier than ever to learn through movies. Movies are just simply good fun. And finally, japanese learn about Japanese culture.

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If you really want to communicate and connect with Japanese speakers, then it really helps to know more about Japanese film. After a first viewing with subtitles, you can watch the movie again without them or break it up into chunks. For example, you can watch a scene at a time, going more and playing it until you have a handle on what the characters are saying.

Perhaps the most effective but most intense way to study is to fully digest and review every word.


I recommend this for intermediate or advanced Japanese learners. The disadvantage with this method is that it requires a ton of discipline. It lets you focus on learning Japanese, rather than managing your flashcards or looking things up in the dictionary. It features interactive captions and a video player designed for learning Japanese.

It tops this off with a review system which takes full advantage of the video library. Spend a little time each day reviewing and watching more. Obviously, your listening comprehension is going to get better from watching movies.

But ideally, you want your speaking to improve as well. When I studied More through movies, I wrote down one new word or phrase and drilled them.

For phrases, I would put my own words into the phrase to practice using it. Another way to improve your speaking is to try shadowing.

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This means saying the word or phrase along with the character in the film. Classic turns the passive viewing experience into something interactive.

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For me, it sometimes helped to spend a bit of time researching on phrases. An expression like yoroshiku onegaishimasu can have different meanings and uses. I paid especially close attention to words like this when I was watching movies.

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There are all kinds of movies or TV shows you can watch to study Japanese. But secondly and more importantly, I think classics give you more of an insight into Japanese culture. They classic beyond the run-of-the-mill formulaic plot and present ideas and opinions in addition to a story.