Nude men and women doing yoga

This exact exchange occurred three times in the days leading up to my Naked in Motion yoga class, held at a private residence in Brooklyn.

Before the class

But walking from the train with my required yoga mat under my arm, my mind was racing. First, I was worried about feeling self-conscious around doing bunch of strangers. Logistics-wise, I wondered if parts of my women that make yoga more complicated would be seriously in the way without a sports bra. Plus, where would we change? Would we each have to wait for the bathroom to take off our clothes or something? And on top of all that, I knew nude if my new all-natural deodorant were to fail, there would be no fabric shielding the class from my sweaty armpits.

But my worries pretty much all disappeared as soon as the founder and instructor, Willow, welcomed me into the space.

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With the squishiest, softest carpet, plus hot herbal tea on offer, it was hard to and uncomfortable. The atmosphere was laid-back and serene.

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At 7pm, we laid our mats out in two rows, and sat down to hear the required reading of the rules. We each had a card on the ground next to our mats; if our cards were out, the instructor was prohibited from adjusting our poses during the practice.

We went around still fully clothed naked black boys tribe introduced ourselves, giving our names, preferred pronouns, and a word to explain how we were feeling, which immediately gave a sense of community to the space. Men then it was time to disrobe, so we did, all together in the closed-off room. I felt very conscious of my nudity at first, but as someone who practices yoga regularly, getting into the class a normal routine women me made my mind relax.

Unexpectedly, I was more worried about accidentally making my classmates feel uncomfortable with actions that might be nude normal in a clothed yoga classlike inadvertently locking eyes with them, or unintentionally touching them when we put our arms out.

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The class was mostly timed along with breath, with a slow flow and a focus on deep stretches. Everything was easily modified, and despite the slow pace, my muscles definitely got a nice workout.

My lack of a sports bra and subsequent lack of chest restriction was surprisingly inconsequential. I thought I might feel some sort of extra kinship with everyone in the room, but instead, I just felt extra in-tune with my muscles and body position in every pose and flow. And honestly, it felt awesome. Being totally naked made and feel physically very comfortable, with no spandex or elastic to bug you. With the doing safety men, I felt more comfortable than I could have imagined.

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I adjusted so quickly to being naked in this room that wearing clothes, yoga the comfortable dress I had worn that day, felt restrictive and odd. Want more? Find a yoga class near you and discover more interesting things to do on our New York City calendar. Quinne Myers is a writer, illustrator, apparel designer, and lingerie industry pundit living in Brooklyn.

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