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Constipation is a very common complaint.

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This pass can mean something different to everyone. However, these are some of the most common symptoms:.

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There are many things that may change your stool consistency, frequency, or your ability to pass indian lovemaking normally. Remember that you may have more than one factor causing you to feel constipated. Many times, constipation can occur when the food you eat moves slowly through your digestive tract. The slower the stool moves through the large intestine see Figure 1the more water your body absorbs from your stool.

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This causes the stool to dry out and get ebony bbw nude photos. This transit is affected by things such as changes in diet, hydration, and activity. Constipation also can sometimes be a side effect of medications. If you have noticed a change in your bowel habits since starting any medications, discuss out with your doctor before stopping your medications.

In some cases, our pelvic and anal muscles can lack coordination making it difficult to pass stool.

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Additionally, some disorders such as diabetes and thyroid disease can cause constipation. Disorders of pelvic support such as rectocele can lead to a type of constipation. Finally, there are more serious causes of constipation such as intestinal obstructions and tumors, stool disorders of the brain and spine.

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Make sure to tell your doctor about your symptoms. Seek medical help if you have persistent or severe pain in your belly, bloating, vomiting, fever, blood in your stool, failure to pass gas, lower back pain, or unintended weight loss.

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It is also important to tell girls doctor if anyone in your family has had colon or rectal nude. Your doctor will decide which tests if any are best for you.

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Your symptoms, and physical and rectal exams, are often all that are needed to diagnose constipation. Fecal occult blood test: Lab tests: Your doctor may check for blood count, hormones, glucose, kidney function, etc. Sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy: