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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in New Delhi and a dating guide then you found the right post.

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We have all the info you need to pick up single women and know where to take them on a hot night. Towards the end of this post we will be sharing some travel tips and advice on the dating customs in Indiathis is definitely not known as an easy place to get laid. Before we get there we will start off with the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls delhi New Delhi, talk about meeting women during the day and also online dating. Once you are caught up on the pick up part we will switch over to our hot night guide and talk about things to do if you meet up during the anna anarchy instead.

Now we want to talk about the hook up culture in India, or better yet the lack of one. There is nightlife for singles here but not really that much when you consider this city has around 20 million people.

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Most Indian women have no interest in going out to drink and hook up. Also, most bars and clubs are quite expensive and like to consider themselves exclusive. If all you care about is finding tonya pornstar to party with who want to hook up then try to hit on other tourists.

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Paharganj is the main backpacker district, you can find women nightlife in this area and the girls you meet are going to be on a holiday looking to have fun. That last bit we hit on there is going to be the biggest theme of this dating guide. The odds of you walking up to a random Indian girl in New Delhi during the day, chatting her up, and getting a date or insta hook up out of it are extremely slim.

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So slim that it truly is not even worth your time to try. If it is hard to pull drunk girls from singles bars it is obviously going to be much harder to pull sober ones going through women daily routine. If your goal is just to have some fun then hang out at the cafes, bars, and hostels around Paharganj and find new bored tourists who are also looking for something to do. If you really want to try to meet New Delhi women during the day then your best chance would be at malls and shopping districts like:.

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Up to this point this post might feel like a bit of a downer pig fucked girls naked outdoors guys who wanted to mingle with Indian girls. Often times when you travel there will be many women new want to date foreign men and you will be at a delhi advantage. There are going to be some westernized and sexually open minded women around for sure, the question is where to find them.

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The exclusive and trendy nightclubs will bring some out, but those women know their value and will not be picked up easily. That site is all about getting laid, not finding your soul mate.