Naughty stewardesses

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But before they get on the plane, they meet a ragtag group of attractive white girls who reel off puns and joke about sexual conquests. When Mark Cuban shows up to lure naughty of them away for a weekend in Monte Carlo, Stan and Francine get to join the team and feel authoritative while complaining about passengers on a few flights.

They get to fly around, rhiannon bray like spies, and go to Monte Carlo, but if they need that kind of glitz in order to continually rekindle a spark, stewardesses bigger is wrong stewardesses their characterization. The B-plot with Roger and Steve is decidedly more ridiculous technologically, at least and funny, with yet another twist on Steve pining for a seemingly unattainable girl at school.

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This time Jenna Ellie Kemper is the object of his affection. But since Steve lacks confidence, he turns to Roger for help. Jenna vomits from morning sickness, then comes clean, and her dad goes apoplectic, grabbing Steve and immediately turning the lift back up the stairs. Roger also demands the coach run 22 flea flickers in a row to ensure Roger wins a long shot prop bet that only nets him a roll of Lifesavers.

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