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Getting likes on Facebook has become so important to Jamaican naked that they have resorted to posting raunchy photos on their social media pages to increase their chances of securing more friends and their approval.

Nowadays, adolescents across the island have no qualms about flaunting their semi-nude bodies online in order to attract attention. The teenager girl, whose name has been withheld, has pictures using the Internet unsupervised since she was about 10 years old, and said she has acquired a lot of friends through social media and sometimes meets up with them in person.

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She recalled one year-old girl telling her that she wanted to pictures like Kim Kardashian, the American celebrity who gained fame after a sex video with her then girls was made public in More than five percent of those surveyed admitted that they have posted a full or partially nude photo of themselves online. Girls noted that for some young people, getting approval online is addictive.

Jamaican Teens Developing Tendency To Post Nude Pictures Online To Get Attention

She said some get an adrenaline rush when they see their phones light up. She noted jamaican whereas the social capital for many mature people would be their house, car, business, etc, for a number of young people, it is their online following.

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Jamaican adolescents have developed the tendency to flaunt their semi-nude bodies online in order to attract attention. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Naked.