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They were awesome as usual, I had a wonderful time and was surprised by my daughtergrand daughter and great grand daughter from Tennessee joined us, the service was excellent and so was the food.

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My wife and I have been a fan of Hooters for years. We naked had decent experiences and bad experiences rest the Atlanta metro area. After moving to west Cobb county early this year we use Sundays as a day to try restaurants in the area near home. We found this Hooters in Hiram that was only 20 minutes away, so Sunday Football and we were there. I have to admit I was surprised when I walked in and found a nice quiet crowd hooters the bull you sometimes get at a Rest, it was great!

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Awesome demographics for me. The waitress was great and the wings were fantastic, cooked just the way we liked it and of course the bartender knows how to mix a real drink. This hooters the best Hooters we have been in for years! We found the perfect spot for Sunday Football when wings are the thing!

I stopped by on a business trip just to grab a snack and rest for a few. I ordered cheese sticks and a drink and had both in under 5 minutes.

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It was clean, but like most Hooters, in need of modernization. The food is generally pretty consistent at Hooters, and this was no exception. I was seated and told that a server would be over to take my order. Sometime went by, before the same person that sat me returned and took my drink order, she apologized for the server not coming over to the table.

When the server did take my order it was the last time I saw her Again the person who sat me, ending up taking care of me the entire time. She was great It was not the end of the world, but it slowed everything down, I freak futaneria com for simple things refill of drink and the meal just took for naked.

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But again, the food was good and that is what you go there for