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If you find yourself growing tired of your typical spanking and reality type porn sites, this baby might just be what the doctor ordered.

Site type: Pay sitecategory: Rate site quality: Be the first to write a comment. Mood Castings is a hardcore bondage site with an interesting concept.


Beautiful European women, who appear to be mood the ruse that they're auditioning for your everyday run-of-the-mill porn, soon find they've gotten more than they bargained for when they're subjected to vicious, cringe-worthy floggings. There are some pretty graphic images on the tour; grotesque close-ups that let you mood just how legitimate the pain and anguish these ladies went through was.

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Payment options: Credit CardsBitcoinEuro Debit. The members page sports a menacing black-and-grey color scheme, which is typical of bondage sites.

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I don't mind, though, as I've found white text hot and naked brazil girls a black background to be the combination that's easiest on the eyes. They've also went for a very minimalistic approach.

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The main menu really doesn't serve much purpose, navigationally speaking. The only two buttons you need concern yourself with are Home takes you to a section that's oddly reminiscent of castings tour and "Updates" which is basically the member's area home page, anyway.

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While I admire this approach, I'm not sure I like the way they've organized their updates. The zig zag pattern, while possibly the most efficient, is rather hard the eyes and often times downright mood. Something else I noticed was that, in many instances, using the back button automatically reissues the login prompt, which is very annoying. On the bright side, their content is absolutely superb. I'd also like to commend them on the diversity in their selection of models. There are quite a few younger, "classic beauties," but they've added some MILFs, even a few heavier-set and less conventionally attractive ladies to the mix, as well.

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When I picture porn auditions in my castings, I imagine people of all shapes castings sizes, all mood of life, walking in and thinking they have a chance. I think that fantasy, no matter how realistic or unrealistic it might be, is well represented here. Many of you English speakers out there may be a bit let down to castings out that you're doing to have to do some reading here.