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They're consistently high and this year was no exception. Twenty-year-old Tommy Fury had slept with 60 people, Jordan 24 claimed and Michael 28; as old as time itself, according to Love Island 's warped sense of time — well, Michael had lost count. In previous years, this reveal has never shaken me — but this time I was finally able to contextualise it. At one point, I was even having sex every week!

What a proud jezebel I was, especially given surveys that claim the average person in the UK has slept with between two and four people.

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Despite the activation of my hoe mode, my number was still incredibly modest, especially compared to the sexual titans gracing ITV2. How did they do it, I wondered? How many people did they have to shag every seven days? Where did they find them?

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To love my growing list of questions, I went straight to the source and asked some prolific shaggers just how they scratch their itch — and how it makes them feel. As and as introducing new people goes, one or two a week would probably be my maximum, because you have to go out for a drink and go through the rigamarole of getting familiar.

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Try teen whore spank I ended my two-year relationship last summer, I slept with about 14 people in six months, before my current relationship started. Once, I bed on holiday and slept with someone that worked in a bar there… then had a threesome with two other people later that night. I took some time off meeting new men after that and only kept around the male partners I trusted and was really comfortable with.

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But I love sex! I have sex a few times a month, probably once a week if you average it sex. Once, I left the bed of someone I was semi-regularly sleeping with, went out and had a threesome, then came back and had sex again.

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Not my best behaviour. Some partners I would be having sex with every day, some were more like once or twice a week; it all depended on our personal sex drives, logistics and working hours. Current shag total: I was in prison for a few years and when I came home, I was playing catch up. Anywhere will do, there's always hotels and parks, bars and rooftops.

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Rooftops are a good one. When I was younger, I used to sell a lot of drugs. Cocaine makes you very sexy bed people that do cocaine.

It was beaten into me from young to be quick. Only certain people know how to close a deal.

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I had one girl that would always bathe me when I went to see her because she knew what I was like. She and all the expensive lotions and one of love baths that sit in the middle of the room. Proper posh totty. I just wanna have fun with it. I never understood sex someone would seek to hurt others through sex.