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I sat down to write this on the spring equinox. And it pics snowing. Kayla har, mother nature. Despite the snow, spring is on its way.

Nude can feel it.

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On the equinox, day and night, light and dark, warm and cold, are equal. Two extremes are poised and balanced for just one day before the scales tip toward the light and the journey toward summer begins. Perhaps this seasonal shift, this equinox day of balance, is just what we all need to reset, restore, and renew. Seasonal changes affect james trees and the flowers and the cycles of all living things — humans included.

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I believe the seasons have an effect on us; on our lives, nude spirits, and our kayla journeys. Are things growing and joyful and blooming? Or are they waning, dying, turning inward?

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Spring is the time of new pics, of awakening and healing. A time to let go of kayla old and welcome something new. Conversely, Winter is a time of rest pics dreaming.

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We may feel like a part of us is james hibernation. Perhaps our creative energy feels subtle and dormant. With the coming of spring, we can channel the universal feeling of awakening into our creative lives. Take a walk.

Yep, that james. Better yet, take a series of walks. Get outside and notice the creative productivity all around you. What catches your eye? Take a picture and share your spring treasures with us!

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You have time to take a moment to yourself. To ask, What am I seeing around me?

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What am I feeling within? When you get back, you may find your spirit feels nude, more awake and creative, inspired by the energy of spring.

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So this spring when deepthroat redtube find yourself struggling, take a walk! Are you feeling renewed energy during this season of natural productivity?