Jaimie alexander all nude

Dosed with an experimental memory-loss drug and covered in an array of tattoos, Jane wakes up completely nude in the famous New York landmark. And yes, Alexander all wearing nothing but an array of tattoos and a modesty patch down there when they filmed the pilot on a frigid night in NYC.

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Let me figure jaimie out. EW caught up with Alexander to get nude scoop:. What was it about Blindspot that made you want to join the jaimie So the only thing that came after that that would even spark my interest was Blindspot. It just made so much sense for me to take this role. I knew I could do great things with it. I mean, physically, obviously, you have the tattoos, alexander somebody clearly abused her.

All she has left is instinct and intuition. She just tries to go and make decisions based upon her gut feeling, because she really has no past. Despite having amnesia, her body still reacts to the things around her on instinct. Would you describe her as the perfect super soldier in that sense? She learns she has these abilities, and she wants to use them to help people—not to hurt people, but to help them.

Oh, man. Well, there alexander no swords. They both go through things that people in general go through. The difference is that Jane is very based in reality. This all could happen to you or I. There are tactics that are used and serums that are used all help PTSD sufferers.

With Sif, nude a funny way, I guess I could say there is a fine line between the two, because both of them act on instinct and intuition and love.


For the full body, it takes jaimie and a half hours to apply, which is intense. We have a great crew that comes in and helps put on the full-body tattoos. We have good coffee, good conversation, good music. They do not come off easily, which I guess you could say is a blessing and curse. The only thing that takes them off is a solution and a little rubbing alcohol, and then of course, you put hot naked female werewolves arnica oil afterward to sort of heal the skin from any irritation.

But it does take about three and a half hours or so to get the full body off. Nude every day is going to be full-body tattoos. I want to show some of this amazing artwork, because this is what the series is based around. Were you nervous?

'Thor' Star Jaimie Alexander -- ALMOST NAKED at Movie Premiere

I would say all of the above. That day where alexander shot the scene in Times Square, we started putting on the tattoos at 4: We had the full-body tattoo application, which took about seven and a half hours, and then there was a little bit of a rehearsal and also a lot of camera angles and shots that we wanted to get.

Again, my crew and cast are amazing, and they were all so patient. All was actually in the bag — as long as you think I was in there, I was definitely in there.