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Lisa was born and grew up in a small community in California near Santa Barbara, on the Central Coast.

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She is a mother to three grown boys and married to ann high school sweetheart. Lisa uses an iPad to create her emotive digital paintings and finds the portable nature allows her to work wherever she is. I have started making digital art in the s. Being wife draftsman since the early s, I was very familiar with Autocad and the use of computers to create line work.

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My boss at the time asked me if I could do the graphics for an internal internet site. I decided lisa go back to college and take a class. Wife, I never believed I would use the computer to paint. I proceeded to take every class offered at our local junior college.

We believe in heirlooms.

Everything inspires me: I love to see what other artists all over the world are doing using an app called Behance. It is simply amazing how creative and beautiful people are everywhere. My artistic motivation is really a genuine need from within me.

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I need to create as I need to breathe. Creating have is essential for my mental well being. The painting is my personal favourite because it ann my life, I love the lisa and feeling.

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I had some crazy responses on Behance from a couple of people who thought I was in support of hurting women. They were relentless for months. The painting was of a beautiful woman with Passion flowers and a very large screw in her head. It was meant to represent me and how passion had screwed with my head.