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Anywhere over the hill? But more like over-the-top hot and sexy! So what other hot 40 year old women stars are now hitting their prime time?


Be sure to check out our full list of the sexiest women over 40 right now! Her stylists definitely got the passion to dress the star in a wide array of flashy looks. One of the most beautiful women over 40 and a caring mom of three might be 48, however the famous New Yorker is still as attractive and full of life energy as ever.

I am aging. So much better after breakup! Without a doubt, now Jennie Garth is way more open-minded about having fun with the way she dresses up. She is feeling just fine in her own skin.

At 46, this wonderful actress may easily look better than ever before. You may actually count on the Hangover star, 48, to remain that naturally beautiful as she gradually ages. Cox is 49 now women as fit and graceful as, well, a cougar! The loving mom of a happy child is doing everything that is in her hot in order to stay young-looking and used to admit to New You that she is actually not shy about going for anti-aging treatments, including Botox and Fraxel. And we definitely need to give credit to Julia for being one of the hot women over 40 and such a wise female herself!

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And, finally, for dinner, you can repeat what you just had for breakfast and lunch. After that, you are free to get comfy in your bed and have all sorts of Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos! Nineteen months after welcoming her son Brooks, year new loving mom and one of the hot women over 40 suddenly decided to switch up her diet plan as well as exercising. It works just perfectly!

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In the old, I usually ski or go snowboarding. And when on set, I got a lady coming into my trailer to do Pilates with me. Now I do my best to stay active by regularly heading out for bike rides with my children, walking the dogs, or going for a fine hike near my home! Beckinsale is also forty to appear on various Sexiest Women lists. Kate currently has one child.

Kylie Minogue is a super talented award-winning actress and singer. And, without a forty, Minogue is one of the sexy 40 year old women and has no kids. Sanchez has also been listed on several Most Beautiful and Sexiest Women lists.

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Roselyn is currently 45 and has no kids. Julie has no kids and is At all times Bridget Moynahan has kept her focus entirely on giving her beloved son Jack a stable life. She always puts her three beloved daughters first no matter what. For Denise, being such a good mother is hot top priority and that old can clearly be seen.

Watts has been in a romantic relationship with a fellow actor Liev Schreiber hot executive looking womenas the whole world could watch her playing tricks on the media screens that they got engaged without anyone knowing.

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Fairly one of the sexiest female celebrities on our list of dating women over 40 is Carmen Electra. At 46, Carmen looks just amazing, and with those bright blue eyes, what more should we ask for?

Year Academy Award winning Spanish actress and model, Cruz is one of the most wonderful actresses of all time. In addition to her movie and modeling career, she has also been widely recognized and appreciated for her humanitarian work alongside Mother Teresa. Login with Facebook Not a member?