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Posted by alvinology Sep 6, dirty old manmovies 0. The movie is movie made for adults, featuring many titillating sex scenes hence the R21 rating in Singapore. The Scent opens in Singapore girl riding anul sex today.

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Hong catch it if you are a fan of detective movies. He calmly enters the motel to catch the scene but what he finds at the scene is two dead bodies. The only witness is Soo-jin, the wife of the dead man. Sun-woo tries his best to find the real killer but the situation only gets worse. To top it all, Sun-woo falls into a dangerous relationship with Soo-jin who possesses provocative beauty and the situation gets more complicated.

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Will r21 be able to prove himself innocent? Alvin is a marketer by day and blogger by night.

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Korean R21 Movie: The Scent movie kong in Korean. Lead actress, Park Si-Yeon who bared for the camera. Related Post: Public blowjob and masturbation at Singapore beach.

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