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I have recently begun dating again after being widowed. I met a man on line and we began chatting, texting and talking on the phone. Sexual banter became a fun part of our conversations.

We had our first date this past weekend, he travelled to see me. The plan was to take me to a lovely restuarant for my birthday, but honestly when we finally met in person we were both so attracted to cum another we could have skipped dinner.

Research sheds light on men’s motivations for giving pleasure.

We had dinner, great conversation, and discussed our potentially special future relationship. I initiated our post dinner activity - I definitely wanted to be made love to for my birthday. He was a very much a woman pleaser and brought me makes orgasm 6 or more times It seemed very important to him that I cum All I know is my body feels the pleasure with every ounce of my being and I have a great release. I am definitely wet in the genital area but I don't know if that is from natural lubrication or if I have "cum" during the orgasms.

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I hope this is not too graphic, I am just tryng to understand. He really wanted me to cum with him I am hoping that I do not disappoint if I don't squirt as I am reading some nicole curtis naked pussy do. What are men looking for when they ask a woman that question?

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BenjaminG Send a private message. I think the wish to have an orgasm at the same time as your partner is a bit of romantic fantasy of being totally in synch with your cum. It sounds to me like you know what it feels like to have an orgasm. Don;t worry about squirting, some women do, some don't.

Being a willing and enthusiastic partner is fantastic.

How Your Girl Likes to Cum and What It Says About Her - VICE

Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Lousyweather Send a private message. Here is something important: What is the MOST important sexual quality in a mate? Its not experience, its not virginity.