Having sex with panda

Top definition. Panda Sex sex. Panda Sex is defined as the act of having sex with a fat asian woman.

Posturing and positioning

You like fat asian woman? Yeah I love me some Panda Sex. I had some crazy Panda Sex last night. Panda sex unknown.

The Complicated Sex Lives of Giant Pandas | Live Science

Where the man beats his girl so hard with his dongerthat you leave black spots all over her body. Alternatively, if a girl takes her boosoms and smacks the man resulting in black spots, equalling in an a very eventful night.

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Hey honey, what do you want to do tonight? See a movie, walk in the parkor panda sex? In a work place setting: Me and my husband have been into panda sex?

Urban Dictionary: Panda Sex

Ouch ouch. Whap, whap. Oh man I had the best pandasex while listening to my Marvin Gay last night.

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Panda Women with beautiful naked bottoms unknown. Interracial sex 2: When two virgins have no idea how to fuck.

Sex in captivity

Their 69 is just flopping on their bellies! To have sex and leave Based on the dictionary definition of Panda "Eats shoots and leaves". I'm only after a quick bit of panda sex.