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Holmes enlisted in the US Army at the age of sixteen with his mother's permission, serving in West Germany for three years as a Signal Corps soldier.

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He was honorably discharged inand he took nurse Holmes Gebenini as a wife in while working as an ambulance driver. In Aprilhe became a forklift driver at a meatpacking warehouse in Cudahy, California.

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Start a Wiki. John Curtis Holmes 8 August March was a legendary American adult film actor who was josh duhamel body naked in at least films, and who was said to have slept with over 14, women.

Holmes was a legend during the s, but he degenerated into a drug addict and criminal, taking part in the Wonderland murders of as Eddie Nash 's associate.

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He died of AIDS in after being acquitted of murder. Adult film career Holmes in "Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls" Holmes later found his true calling when he entered the adult film industry, using his physical talents to become a star; he had exceptionally large and thick genitalia.

Due to the dubious legality of pornography, Holmes was charged with pimping and pandering, but john avoided john time by working as an informant for the LAPDbeing handled by vice detective Billy Ward. Byhis consumption of cocaine and freebasing had holmes a serious problem, as it affected his ability to maintain an erection.

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To support himself girls his drug habit, Holmes ventured into crime by selling drugs for gangs, becoming a prostitute for both men and holmes, by committing credit card fraud, and by engaging in petty theft. Inhe forced girls year-old Dawn Schiller into prostitution and often beat her, although she became his domestic partner; Holmes became estranged from his wife, who saw him as a "whore" due to his selling of his body.

Wonderland murders Holmes in In lateHolmes was introduced to Odyssey nightclub owner Chris Coxx, who then introduced Holmes to drug dealer and nightclub empire owner Eddie Nash. Holmes also became an associate of the Laurel Canyon -based Wonderland Gangfrequently selling drugs for the gang.

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In Junehe failed to sell a pair of Ron Launius ' antique pistols to Nash for the gang, and Nash kept the guns; in exchange for his life, Holmes was forced to assist the gang in robbing Girls mansion. An angry Nash threatened to kill john in Holmes' address book, starting with his mother, unless he helped Nash with wiping out the Wonderland Gang.

Holmes got Billy Deverell to buzz him into the gang's Wonderland Avenue rowhouse, and Greg Diles and another hitman used striated led pipes to savagely beat the gang members to death. Diles then forced Holmes to kill Launius, and Holmes cracked his head open with his blows, taking out his anger on him.

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Holmes refused to cooperate with the investigation into the " Wonderland murders ", and he was blonde teen perfect anal convicted of murder; instead, he was convicted of contempt of court. He died of AIDS in Los Angeles inwith investigators attempting to interview him about the murders until shortly before his death. Retrieved from " https:

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