Female tattoos with boob

In ancient times, the warriors and kings used to engrave a particular picture as tattoos along with a deep meaning related to their families and friends. It became mandatory for them to tattoos a tattoo engraved on their body. By the way, the Breast tattoo designs for men and women have originated. Likewise, there are many stories and sayings about these boob tattoos in the past.

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Generally what says tattoos either it was inked on inner parts of body or outer parts of the body. Like gestures in a relationship speak a language of their own so is tattoos.

Tattoos bring out the emotions in you and also highlights on your lifestyle. Most people get inked to communicate female things specially their personality while others use tattoo as a medium to express love female affection.

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Studies have shown that nowadays the numbers of women getting inked are higher than that of men. The most popular places for a woman to get inked are upper back or lower neck, inner wrist, finger tips, hart sexy girl fucking fingers, ankles, shoulder, lower back and more.

And nowadays, ladies are also getting inked on or between their breasts. The breast inking is getting popular day by day with the celebrities sporting them so bravely.

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With a tattoo on the breasts area, the woman female to choose if she wants to show off her tattoo or keep with hidden. When women have tattoos on their breast, like between the breast and under breast tattoos are mostly familiar to visualize their tattoo, it attracts many curious eyes towards them and their tattoos. And the curious eyes with not confined to men only. Since breast is an exciting place to get inked on, consider the tattoo designs very meticulously.


In general, the breast or chest is one of the best places to get a tattoo for women because, it boob make the women look more appealing and charming and especially the ones who underwent mastectomy getting breast tattoos will be more appealing to those patients.

Though flowers are with feminine, it depicts boldness too. You could get small blooming flowers or flowers with thorns or anything related to flowers and nature. Today, more number of celebrities preferred to get this tattoo as this will add them a beauty and make them stylish. If you want to follow your celebrity, then go ahead with the favorite tattoo designs boob breast.

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If you want to write something then you could always ask your tattoo artist to inscribe them on your breasts. And since this is a private place for getting inked, you get to select your audience for viewing your special tattoos.

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Getting tattooed like this tattoos make you stand ahead the crowd as this will differ from the usual tattoos. Be sure to choose the design before starting the process of tattooing.

96 Hottest Breast Tattoo Designs

See More: Name Tattoo Designs For Men. Well birds flying out of a cage or birds flying in a distance or something relevant can also be used to get inked on your breasts. This is one of the excellent breast tattoo designs for girls who tattoos like a bird. Before hiring, search through the sites which will list the various persons across the world.