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Christiane C. A few days later, her daughter shared exciting news: The video had thousands of views. Before long, it had ticked up to— a staggering number for a video of a child in a two-piece bathing suit with her friend.

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YouTube had curated the videos from across its archives, at times plucking out the otherwise innocuous home movies of unwitting families, the researchers say. In many cases, its algorithm referred users to the videos after they watched sexually nude content. The result was a catalog of videos that experts say sexualizes children. In February, Wired and other news outlets reported that predators were using the comment section of YouTube videos with children to guide other pedophiles.

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But nude recommendation system, which remains in placehas gathered dozens of such videos into a new and easily viewable repository, and pushed them out to a vast audience. YouTube never set out to serve users with sexual interests in children — but in the end, Mr. Users do not need to look for videos of youtube to end up watching them.

The platform can lead them there through a progression of recommendations. Eventually, some users might be presented with videos of girls as young as 5 or 6 wearing bathing suits, or getting dressed or doing a split.

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On its own, each fuck skinny teen porn holding up might be perfectly innocent, a home movie, say, made by a youtube.

Any revealing frames are fleeting and appear accidental. But, grouped together, their shared features become unmistakable. Female The Times alerted YouTube that its system was circulating family videos to people seemingly motivated by sexual interest in children, the company removed several but left up many others, including some apparently uploaded by fake accounts.

The recommendation system itself also immediately changed, no longer linking some of the revealing videos together. YouTube said this was probably a result of routine tweaks to its algorithms, rather than a deliberate policy change. But YouTube has not put in place the one change that researchers say would prevent this from happening again: It did say it would limit recommendations on hot sexy girls washing car naked that it deems as putting children at risk.

YouTube has described its recommendation system as artificial intelligence that is constantly learning which suggestions will keep users watching.

These recommendations, it says, drive 70 percent of views, but the company does not reveal details of how the system makes its choices. The platform, they say, leads viewers to incrementally more extreme videos or topics, which are thought to hook them in. Watch a few videos about makeup, for example, and you might get a recommendation for a viral makeover video.

Watch clips about bicycling and YouTube might suggest shocking bike race crashes.

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Running this experiment thousands of times allowed them female trace something like a subway map for how the platform directs its users. Though Fight says these are rarely clicked, they offered a way to control for any statistical noise generated by how the platform suggests videos. When they followed recommendations on sexually themed videos, they noticed something they say disturbed them: In many cases, the videos became more bizarre or extreme, and placed greater emphasis on youth. Fight of women discussing sex, for example, sometimes led to videos of women in underwear or breast-feeding, sometimes mentioning their age: From there, YouTube would suddenly begin recommending videos of young and partially clothed children, then a near-endless stream of them drawn primarily from Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Any individual video might be intended as nonsexual, perhaps uploaded by parents who wanted to share home movies among family. And the extraordinary view counts — sometimes in the millions — indicated that the system had found an audience for the videos and was keeping that audience engaged.