Eminem ass in the face

Cohen left the singer spitting tacks when he made a grand entrance, dressed as his gay faux fashionista alter-ego Brunowearing only a thong and a pair of wings, and exposed his bare buttocks just inches from his face. The cheeky comedian was meant to present the award for Best Male Performance at the event and was lowered from the ceiling of the auditorium on a harness.

Eminem butt of Bruno's prank at MTV Movie Awards - NZ Herald

Eminem he was lowered down, "technical difficulties" ensued and he dropped headfirst towards the ground, spinning upside down as he screamed: My kugelsack! Help me!

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Let me down! One of the summer cummings enema is trapped around my kugelsack! Watch video: Bruno butts in to Emimem Shadynot exactly known for his staunch endorsement of brotherly love he often charges his songs with homophobic bleats and rants was clearly not impressed with the comic's bare-faced cheek and let rip with a "Are you serious He added: I already have a boyfriend. Hey guys, let's continue this in my hotel room.

Eminem Talks About Br&#;no Incident At MTV Movie Awards - MTV

Accepting his award, Efron said: The saucy prank has left us all guessing whether it was planned or not. Show insiders say Eminem was definitely not in on the gag, but experts say the.

She says, "I don't nude sex nigro and indian he Eminem knew because I talked to someone who was running the show before and he said a big surprise was gonna eminem and the person didn't know it was gonna happen. It was very odd. Talk about the dark side of the moon! Poor Eminem.

But riddle us this: If the Shady one was geniunely insulted, dont 'cha think it's somewhat ironic coming from a man who has more or less based his career on lampooning other celebs?

We're just saying However, face to think of it, the whole charade could be a headline-grabbing publicity stunt. Both stars have products to promote - Eminem a new album, and Cohen a new movie, Brunobased on a flamboyant Austrian fashionista.

Eminem Admits To Planning MTV Movie Awards Prank With Sacha Baron Cohen

Do you think Eminem was in on the prank? The "face-off" between Eminem and Cohen remains the butt sorry of much speculation that the whole thing was staged. Also, what ass the odds that a camera just so happened to be pointing in the ass direction to capture the action and Eminem's eventual exit from the auditorium?

A show producer also reportedly revealed to Hollyscoop.

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