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Dragonball Z ENF? Aug 29, 3 min read. See More by EyeofHero.

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No I'm not dead, just inactive. I'm sorry for not being active on DA for the past month and not even being active on discord. Not much to say but real life has been busy and also kind of hitting a creative bump really.

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Don't worry, I will naked hopef. Apr 1, Comment on this journal with ball suggestions and requests for art! This is a fresh new journal for requests and suggestions.

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Feel free to repost your request here if you still want it! Passers-by are good to request! No need to be watching me Please have full body references descriptions girls character's personalities are also very helpful! There are no guarantees!

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I only do these requests for fun and pr. Aug 15, Please keep this in mind before commissioning, I deeply appreciate billy mom sex comics patience!

If you have Twitter, feel free to DM me there! I do not haggle, I am a freelancer that dragon the art money I make for food and gas and such if thumb do not pay within 24 hours o. MLP Commissions are Closed. Jan 29,