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Just when you thought we had reached the peak of flying phallic expressionan AM transport flying out of Seville, Spain went ahead and traced what appears to be a massive 'dick in a box' over the Gulf of Cadiz. The peculiar route was first pointed out by Airspottersorg in the tweet posted below.

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Keep in mind that the generous junk is only viewed by checking out the aircraft's route on flight tracking software, but this didn't keep a pair of Marine Aviator's from getting grounded for a similar prank executed high above The Salton Boxz in Southern California late last October.

Of course, a Navy EAG Growler crew drew a huge windborne wang with their contrail in what has become a notorious pop-culture phenomenon in November of That event really springboarded the public's interest in sky penises and the military's willingness to discipline aircrews that perpetuate them. Although we can't know for certain, but this flight is very likely a test flight as Seville is where assembly of AMs take place.

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So maybe testers got into the Christmas spirit a bit early and dick to pay tribute to Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake's greatest gift of all. There's always the possibility that this is just some crazy fluke, but I think it's pretty safe to say that the chances of this being a dick are very low.

Did This AM Just Upstage The Marines By Tracing A Giant 'Dick In A Box' In The Sky? - The Drive

We will keep you informed if this propeller-made penis boxz into another mini-scandal like the rest. Then again, maybe they take things like this a bit lighter in Spain. Big fat black women naked big military transport has flown a very peculiar flight path that looks a lot like Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's greatest gift of all.

By Tyler Rogoway November 17, The War Zone. Flightradar24 via Airspottersorg. Sky Penis Soars Again?

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Time can only tell. Don't forget to sign up. The phallic flight didn't go unnoticed by those on the ground and there are photos to show for it. Apparently, the Navy's fighter crews weren't the only ones who thought highly of themselves during the Top Gun era.

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Nobody seems to know who specifically the aircraft belongs to or what it's up to, but based on its configuration, its capabilities are pretty clear.