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While of course we here at Comic Book Resources would never advocate for actual censorship, there are certainly quite a few grim, gruesome and lewd moments in this bold new Archie era that are a far naked from the formerly very G-rated digests. Some minor spoilers follow, but here are the times that betty Archie should nude sexy toon gif pumped the brakes a little.

Archie Betty. It starts and the basic premise of Archie, puts a slightly more mature spin on it, then tosses the Predator into the mix. It combined comedy with at times pretty shocking brutality, which really just enhanced the comedy since it was all portrayed in the classic cartoony Archie style.

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Predator first arrives on Earth on a tropical island where the Riverdale gang are vacationing for spring break, and begins his hunt Cheryl and Jason Blossom, who have become separated from the group. While we don't see their actual deaths, we do get a pretty good look at their butchered corpses hanging from trees.

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The only entry from the original comics on this and, this is more a joke about a couple panels taken out of context. Betty and Veronica are having a slumber party, and Veronica is treating Betty to all the luxuries of her mansion, including the fancy showers.

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Also, there is a locker room in the mansion, because the rich need lockers in their own home apparently. Her romance with Archie becomes a major subplot for the first half of season 1, and her brief appearance in season 2 reveals that she has continued to exploit her male students. While the actual interactions are relatively tame, it's still a continuation of the romanticization of a pretty vile situation that modern teen dramas seem obsessed with. While most of the entries on this list naked pretty tongue-in-cheek, this plotline should've been left on the cutting room floor.

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Immediately fun the Predator kills Sabrina, Salem flies into a rage, leaping at the alien in an attempt to avenge his master. Unfortunately, he veronica just a cat, and the Predator is a space alien with space alien weapons. Salem loses the fight against a laser gun, in what is probably the most gruesome death in the series, made worse by the fact that he is a cat and cats are adorable treasures.

Predator quits the scene somehow in between panels with little explanation or acknowledgement, leaving Betty and Veronica veronica traumatized.

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This leads to another censor-worthy strip-down moment that didn't make the list. While this entry is one of the tamer ones, it's also perhaps the most brazen. In the second season, Cheryl has matured fully into the manipulative and often cruel person she is in the comics, and has begun her long-standing tradition of messing fun Betty and Veronica.