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*An American Werewolf in Paris*

Welcome back to Behind The Scenes Saturday! I ended up missing last week because I was with my family and I ran out of time.

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I picked this film because, even after all this time, it has some of the most incredible special effects that definitely aged well. Trivia provided by IMDb. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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John Landis, director

Special effects artist Rick Baker was disappointed by the amount of time that was spent shooting the face changing shot for the werewolf transformation. He spent months working on the mechanism for the transformation, london director John Landis only needed one take that lasted about seven seconds. Baker felt he wasted his time. But then he saw the film with an audience who applauded during those seven seconds. The British government granted three of the four permits willingly.

They felt that Great Britain had plenty of American actors who could portray the character, Jack. After John Landis threatened to re-write his script and re-title it An American Werewolf In Paris, the equity office reconsidered the application and granted Dunne his permit.

He said it was the most painful because of the contacts he had to wear.

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Landis refused because devon aoki hot ass fucking photo wanted to use werewolf faces for the roles. Michael Jackson was so amazed xvidors the film, he wanted to hire the people responsible for it for his famous Thriller music video. After waiting for over eight years while John Nude was trying to get this film made, Rick Baker became impatient scenes decided to use his work for The Howling When Baker informed him that he was already working on a werewolf film, a heated argument over the phone ensued.